Thursday, June 25, 2015

Taking a little Blog Break...

As you may have noticed - I seem to be having a tough time keeping this blog up to date lately.  Aargh!  I love this little blog, but right now I am in over my head with projects, so until I can get back to a regular schedule I'm taking a little break. 

Until I return, you can still catch me on facebook as Shelley Rydellie (link in the sidebar), and on instagram, also as shelleyrydellie.

Have a great summer and see you soon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Index-Card-a-day: The first week...

Hi friends!  I'm still working on the 100-day Project; but today I wanted to introduce you to a new project I am working on also, called "ICAD 2015."  ICAD stands for Index-card-a-day, and what you do to participate is simply create one index card art piece each day for June and July!  I wasn't going to join in, but I was hearing such good things about it that I didn't want to miss out!  So here I am, in over my head again (HA), but having a blast!

The annual ICAD challenge is run by the talented Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow.  The idea behind it is not to create masterpieces, but to get you creating regularly. She provides optional weekly and daily prompts throughout the challenge.  I decided it would be fun to follow the prompts.  Here is how my first week turned out...

Weekly prompt:  Doodling and drawing.
I mainly used tombow markers and my pitt pens for all the cards.  Additional supplies are noted below each card.

Day one: Chevron...
(used pan pastels to shade around the outside of the sheep)

#2: Carnival...

#3: Draw a map... (I went for a mindmap of the challenge itself)

#4: Mailbox...

#5: Owl...

#6: Taxi...
(added a promo image from the internet, and some typed words)

#7: Periodic Table...

 If you want to check out the ICAD challenge - click here for all the info!

Thanks so much for visiting!  I appreciate you!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Interview for "My Life, My Story..."

I'm excited and honored to be the guest artist at the "My Life, My Story" Facebook Group this month!  "My Life My Story" (or MLMS for short), is a fun and relaxed group for people who share an interest in art and other creative endeavors.  It's run by my sweet and talented friend Leike Michelow. 

Anyhoo, the first thing they do each month is an interview with the artist of the month.  I'm excited to share my interview with you today!

Here it is:

If you are on Facebook, come on over and check out the MLMS group!  Here's a link to get you there...   My Life My Story

Thanks so much for visiting today!  I appreciate you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I've got No Excuses!

I'm super excited and honored to be a guest blogger over at the No Excuses Art blog today!  Come on over and say hi!  I'd love to see you there!!!