Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sorry I've Been Away...

I am so sorry I've been absent from blogland this week my friends!

Gosh the week has flown by! I have been feeling slightly under the weather. Not sick really, just super tired and super busy at the same time - not a good combo! Aargh! So, anyhoo I tried to lay low and take care of myself and didn't do alot besides my day job and sleep, and it paid off. I am feeling much perkier and almost back to myself today!

Now I am thinking about how behind I am in all my projects! Here's what I have to catch up on...

Project 365 - this past week's layout
Project 52 ATCs - this week and last week
A Year In The Life of an Art Journal - "H"
Scrapping The Music - layout for this coming Sunday's song (it's an awesome song!)
Finish the layout I started at last weekend's crop

Plus I have things to show you - like the awesome present that I got from my Secret Sister this week! It's super fun!

And I have a couple of tutorials to share with you from my Project Catwalk final projects!

Luckily the weekend is coming up, so I have time to do some catching up!

I will be back tomorrow with another update! For now, I will leave you with a couple of pictures I recently took on a walk in the neighborhood. They make me feel peaceful...

Thanks for stopping by!

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McMGrad89 said...

Welcome back. Good to know you are not superwoman. I was beginning to wonder. Good luck catching up.