Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finished Alchemy Cards...

Hi friends!  I'm excited to share my finished alchemy cards with you!  As I mentioned in this post, I took an online class from Mindy Tsonas called the Inner Alchemy Circle: Air-Coven, Animal Spirits and Archetypes, where we made a deck of 28 alchemy cards.  I found the class not only super fun but enlightening as well!  Here's how I finished off my deck...

Here is the finished deck.  Mine actually has 29 cards, because I added in a raven card (since the raven is my spirit guide).  In the middle of the circle is a box I've had for many years, which is the perfect size for the cards!  Yeayyy!

The images on the cards were all found either in magazines or on the web.  
(The cards are for my personal use only.)

 I created the backs for the cards with painted blank newsprint (packing paper), one of my favorite raven stamps, and a simple typed label.  I also laminated them with my hubby's laminating machine, so I can use them without worrying about wrecking them.

See how nicely they fit into the box?  

Today, I'm excited because registration is open for Mindy's next circle gathering!  This time we will be focusing on the element of Water.  I'm looking forward to exploring new ways of designing another deck of cards to add to my collection.  I'm thinking maybe collage this time?!  Want to join in? Click here for more info.

Thanks so much for visiting today!  I appreciate you!


dawn said...

I love these Michelle, nice job on all of them. How fun to have a whole deck of cards made by YOU! How sweet that you added your own personal Raven to the backs, great idea.

Have fun in the next class!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love these!!!! They totally ROCK!!!! LOVING the raven!!!!!!

Cara said...

These are absolutely amazing.