Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Calendar Changing Day!

"Adventures don't begin until you get into the forest. That first step is an act of faith."
~Mickey Hart - Grateful Dead Drummer

There's always something fun about the first of the month. Among other things, I love being able to turn the calendars over and see the new picture! It's the little things that make me smile...

Today was the big reveal at Crop Suey! The October kits are for sale and they look fabulous! I have Bree's kit, but I hadn't seen Camille's kit yet, and it's wayyyyy cool! It's got two of my favorite things - owls and lots of pink! And Bree's kit is absolutely crazy funky cool! Here's a pic I took of the kit when I got it:
You can't see everything in the photo, but there's a whole lot of funky fun going on here! I love the woodgrain alphas, and that marshmallow notepaper! I think my favorite piece of paper in the whole kit is that bird on the branch (hence me putting it in the middle of the photo). Anyway, there are better pics on the website - head on over and see for yourself!

In other news, the new challenge is up for week one of the Project Catwalk finals at SiSTV. We've got a list of supplies we can use and other than that it's pretty wide open! No more bonus product points, no more getting it in within the first 24 hours for extra points. They just want to see what we can do design-wise, which makes it really fun (and slightly scary)! I've already got a few ideas mulling around in my head.

Last night after I posted about just getting going and starting on my list of projects I did well! I don't know why I was letting my old patterns surface, but sometimes all it takes is recognizing what's going on to be able to move past it, you know? Anyways, I finished a layout and I feel really happy with it. I wish I could share it with you, but it's for an upcoming Scrapping The Music challenge, so I have to wait til the challenge goes live.

So, do you ever suffer from lack of mojo? I think we all do - it's human nature do have creative ups and downs. What do you do to get past it? I'd love to hear your tips for keeping that creativity flowing!


TracyP said...

yummi yummi kit!!! I created with mine a few days ago and last night and I will be doing the same tonight:)

kristina k said...

Love this kit!! :)
When I am lacking mojo...which by the way I am right now, I just force myself to scrap. i either do challenges or something to get me thinking outside of the box. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Either way, it's fun!

Anonymous said...

just stopped by to say I think you are fabulous.

I can't wait to see your new Scrapping the Music layout.

And man am I lacking the mojo right now. It's actually depressing me. Since I packed up my table, and have to pull things out to scrap, just takes so much effort to get started. Pathetic, huh? I'm gonna do what Kristina does... force myself to scrap something... anything today!

Anonymous said...

Ekkkkk! that kit rocks!

Onto the MOJO.......Sometimes I've tried a new challenge blog, other times I've headed over to the local bookstore and read threw magazines, I love Somerset Mag's they never let me down with some cool new way to puts yummy products together!

Michelle McGee said...

That's a dang cute, kit!