Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Nite Continues...

Okay, so I found the cats. They were indeed upstairs snoozing in the dark quiet of the livingroom. Perhaps the whole staying up til 5am this morning wore them out? Michael always teases me that the crazy hours I keep exhausts the cats. They always like to be here with me when I scrap. All that fun stuff to bat around you know. So anyway, Willie is up now and sitting here on my lap as I type.

It's past the submission deadline, so it's okay to post our Project Catwalk layouts for week eleven - here's mine:

The picture is of one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I saw this albino squirrel outside a nursing home for young people with disabilities. I was early for an appointment with a client, so I was sitting outside in the garden area. His beauty struck me, as did the parallel between his life and the lives of my client and others at the nursing home. Labeled as different, but beautiful in their uniqueness. I've wanted to make a page like this ever since.

The tree is made from plain brown cardstock. We weren't allowed to use patterned paper this week, so I drew the woodgrain with colored pencil and a journaling pen. The heart is made from fabric. The alphas are stickers, except for the word "beautiful," which is stamped onto a magazine page and cut out. The butterflies were hand-drawn on the same magazine page.

The border and doodling is done with black and white journaling pens.

I think it's time to turn on the tv and get a midnite snack...


Chimene said...

Ahhh amazing picture!!!!!
Beautiful layout!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Photo.
ha ha... i love the woodgrain doodling for the tree.