Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EEEEEEK - It's Finally Here!!! - plus a new Art Journal Page...

OMG I could hardly believe my eyes when the Fedex guy dropped my Project 365 kit off on our doorstep today! It's so exciting to finally have it - Yeayyyyyyy! I can hardly wait to start putting my layouts together! It's perfect timing because I am going on a crop this weekend, so I will try to hold off til then. It's a perfect crop project! Anyhoo, in case you haven't seen what a Project 365 kit looks like, here it is in all its glory...There is a super cute 3-ring album, specially divided page protectors, daily journaling cards, day of the week stickers, a date stamp and more - in super cute colors and patterns! I even love the boxes that the cards came in - aren't they cool? Waiting til Saturday to put it together will be difficult!!!

In other news, I finished another art journal page for Dina's class and had so much fun! The idea behind this assignment was to teach us to stretch our ability to use layering on our pages. We were to create a page with at least ten layers on it. I used 18! HA! I never thought I could do that many, but it was fun! Here's a close up of each page, and then how they look together (remember to click on the picture to see more detail)...

Here are my layers in the order I added them to the page.

Gel transfer (didn't work out very well so I covered the image up - just used it for texture in the bottom left corner)
Magazine ad
bubble wrap with spray ink
masked swirls with spray ink
monoprinted turquoise acrylic swirly things
photocopy of a photo
painted dictionary pieces
Stamped figure with Stazon ink
dots coming off figures hand and foot
orange splatters
teal oil crayon
more green spray ink and masking
white gel pen (in doodles)
lyric journal strips

OMG so fun - you could just keep going with this stuff forever!

Alrighty then - that's it for today, but I will be back again tomorrow with another update!

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!


Nat said...

gorgeous layering work- love it to pieces!

McMGrad89 said...

FUN!!!! I am glad your kit finally came. You have some catchin' up to do with all those photos you took, but if anyone can do it, I am sure you can. Enjoy.

Lori W said...

Michelle---you are ROCKING the art journal pages! isn't Dina's class fun?! :)

jessica nole said...

gorgeous work!!!! and i need to check into project 365- thanks for sharing what it's all about!

Cassie said...

Beautiful project! I love happy mail!! That is some SERIOUSLY happy mail!!!

Callista said...

Have fun with that kit!

shaina said...

oh my have no idea how jealous i am about you getting a kit. they were all sold out when i went to get one. cuz i didn't get the kit, i totally gave up on my 365. which im regretting now. :(
hope you have fun at your crop!!

ReneeInLA said...

these new art journaling pages you're doing are unbelievable!

Julie said...

Glad your 365 goodies fianlly arrived. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Love all the layering on your journal page too.

Erin Bassett said...

Congrats on having your 365 delivered!!! I'm having a blast with mine.

Love your journal page BTW!!!

mandysea said...

I know I say it everytime - but I just love this!!!
Love love love it!
Wish I was doing it tooooooooo!!