Saturday, November 3, 2012

Journaling on the go...

Hey there everyone!  I had to go on the road for work last week, so I made up an art journaling travel kit, and did my Book of Days page in my hotel room.  It worked out great!  I was inspired by this video from Gina Armfield, so I decided to make something similar, only with supplies to fit my own style of journaling.  Here's what I came up with...

 There are three pouches: one for pens and markers, one for paper, and one for everything else...

I bought two of the same type of papaya art pouches that Gina uses.  They are GORGEOUS and made of a really nice oil-cloth material that is super sturdy. (I can't link you to papaya art right now - there site seems to be down)

Here's a peek of what's inside...

and here's a more detailed look at the contents of each pouch...
 The little one is jammed with all sorts of pens and markers.  I also put in a small ruler, mini staples a tiny tin of alphas and a pencil. I wouldn't need this many pens, but I'm a bit obsessed - ha.  My essential journaling pens include

Manga Set of Pitt Pens,
Sharpie Poster Paint Pens in black and white
Uniball Signo in White
and my favorite journaling pen - the Pilot Permaball

The rest are just miscellaneous markers that I threw in there.

 The next pouch is filled with papers...

The papers fall into four categories...

Backgrounds (Bits of Scrapbook papers)
Text/Ledger (dictionary paper, vintage ledger, old forms, etc.)
Specialty (tissue paper, wallpaper, transparencies, napkins, etc), and
Images (magazine images, postcards, greeting cards, vintage photos, etc.)

I also have some rub-ons and mini alphas in this pouch.

The third and final pouch has all of the other stuff...
This includes...

Acrylic paint
credit card (for spreading paint)
mini mister
foam brush
10 of my favorite neocolor II crayons
china marker
small scissors
popsicle stick (for applying rub-ons)
a variety of decorative tape (washi, fabric, paper, gaffer)
an eraser and pencil sharpener
baby wipes
paper towels
waxed paper (for layering under your page for protection)
an acrylic block and small acrylic alphabet set
tiny rubber alphabet stamp set
black stazon (permanent) ink
small stencil
adhesive: scrapbook tape, tape runner, gluestick and wet glue
small containers - one of gesso and one of gel medium

Look how nicely they fit in my small overnight suitcase...
I also brought a rolled-up craft sheet (to protect the hotel room table) and 3 magazines.  Two for images, and an extra old one for gluing on.

It worked GREAT and was really a nice way to relax in the evening!

Here's the page I created in the hotel room...

The layers include:
acrylic paint
collage papers
ledger paper bits
more acrylic paint
cat image, title (Late Night Thoughts), and the quote, which was cut from a greeting card.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!! Those bags are AWESOME!!!! I can't believe how much they fit! I loveeeeeee your page too!! GORGEOUS colors!!!!

Khadijah Stott-Andrew said...

Love it!! I got that thrill of excitement and inspiration looking at all your supplies! Off I go! * rummages through her art box* ;)


dawn said...

Hi Michelle, this was so fun to read and SEE!! WOW, you packed a bunch of goodies, love them all. What pretty bags you got to hold them in too.
How awesome that you kept doing your BOD even on the road, WAY TO GO!!!
I love the page too, so pretty and your handwriting again is AMAZING!!Keep up the BOD and sharing them with us, LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

I always love looking through your stuff!!! Love those Papaya bags!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle! You even travel artistically!!!!! I love your carry-bags - they are the coolest. And wow - your finished pages are amazing, as always, my friend!