Thursday, May 8, 2008

National Scrapbook Day Fest at SiStv ROCKED!!! I Can't Believe I Participated in 17 Challenges in Two Days!

Oh my word! I just got up from a four-hour nap! Aargh. I'm sorry this post is so late! It's Thursday already - where did the time go? Ever since National Scrapbook Day weekend all I seem to be able to do is sleep! Did anyone else that's reading this participate in the online challenges at SiStv over the weekend? WOWZA That was a party! They had a new challenge every hour for two straight days. It was so much fun! I am in awe at the amount of planning that must have happened to pull off such an extravaganza. Talk about INSPIRATION! So - I participated in 17 of the challenges - worked like a mad woman but had the time of my life. The thing that was so cool about these challenges was - each one was so different. I really felt like they stretched me creatively. Wow. Can't say enough good about it. Check out my gallery at SiStv to see pics of each of the projects. I can't seem to get them to post here without looking all caddywampus for some reason!

Next post will be about the new song which is up at Scrapping The Music! Well actually, it's not so new anymore since it's already THURSDAY! I feel like Rumpelstiltskin - aside from doing my day job, I slept thru most of the week!

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ricanlaw said...

Girl 17 challenges! No wonder you are tired. Wow.