Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Crop Was A Success!

It worked! My new idea for crops worked like a charm!!! Yeay!!! By pre-planning my designs and projects, I was able to get three and a half projects done - I think that might be a record for a one-day crop!

First of all - I was so excited to finally get a Zutter Bind-it-all Machine! I have been wanting one of those for ages, and my AWESOME hubby Michael bought me one because he was proud of me for being in the top five of Project Catwalk! How SWEET IS HE? Anyway, my first project was to figure out how to use it, and bind my homemade planner. I had originally bound it with three rings, but I decided that might be a little unwieldy to use that way on a daily basis. I'm really happy with how it turned out:
then, I made up our family Christmas photo cards on the Sony picture maker and got them all printed out (I'm not posting a pic cuz I don't want to spoil the surprise for my family);

then I produced the rest of my 70's ATCs for the decades swap,

and finally I got about halfway done producing my 80's ATCs for the decades swap. (I had designed these earlier, but didn't get to post them until now).

It felt fabulous to get so much done, and great as always to see my friend Christina!

Now my plan is to spend a little time each week designing projects to assemble at my crops. I think I will dedicate a bucket in my scraproom to collecting the "kits" I make up. Then, when it comes time for the crop - I can just grab the bucket, add a few things like glue and scissors and go!

So, do you go to crops? How do you prepare? I'd love to hear!


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing! I create kits that have all I need for a project in each bag, grab some, and go! It helps to cut down on stuff I bring and saves time looking for something thats "somewhere" in the bag!! Love your 09 planner!

kristina k said...

What a sweet hubby!! You deserve it. :):)
I have actually never been to a crop. I have no idea how I would pack because I normally don't know what I want until I am actually creating. I guess I would just back up a crop suey kit and go....

Cricket said...

Wow, love what you got done at your crop!! It is sooo much easier when you plan it out isn't it! I'm still "learning" how to plan well and your bucket idea sounds fabulous!


merryheart2 said...

how super nice of your hubby. he's a keeper. hehe

love your idea for crops. girl, you got so much done. love the way your planner turned out. i'm thinking of making one for my favorite blog and etsy places.

hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...

How fun! A bind it all! I've played with ours in the store.

I really dont go to crops..... only work them and wish I was creating like they are! LOL!

Anonymous said...

girl you so totally amaze me.

and your hubby needs to call mine.... and give him some pointers. That is the sweetest thing ever .... you sure got a keeper.

I have planned and nothing works, the stuf ineed is at home, so i just bring everything,
not good when you're getting a ride with your girlfriends (right Camille?)

last time i took up 1/3 of the truck

BUT i got over 11 layouts and a whole buncha projects done.

Ohk, the short of it.... go to crops to talk, and if youre lucky you'll get a little something

Anonymous said...

I have extra large canvas boxes or bins in my scraproom. I have one for "kits" which when I buy a kit and won't be able to use it right away I put it in there. Usually I try to use as much of it as I can up, and then I seperate out the unused items. I have bins on wheels that are for 12x12 paper, another canvas bin with embellies, but I'd like more vertical storage like yours. The scrapbook stores around me in Philadelphia are not so fabulous, so I crop at home now.
xo, d.