Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exhausted but Happy...

I finally finished my Project Catwalk collection, and sent it in last night before bed. I must say I am thoroughly exhausted, but so happy to have finished such a big project! I'm super excited to see what everyone else has created! I'm hoping that we can share by tomorrow some time.

It was another happy mail day today, as I received my "Pass the Paper" Swap envelope and here is what I found inside:
The idea behind the Pass The Paper swap, is that we purge our stash of papers we know we won't be using, and send them to find a new home with another scrapper. The the next person takes what they think they will use, and replaces what they take with papers from their own stash. Then sends the package along to the next scrapper on the list. The papers I got in this package are REALLY AWESOME! Judean I can't believe you were willing to part with some of this stuff - Thank you so much! It feels like Christmas here! Anyway, I will be going through this stuff carefully over the weekend, taking what I can use (which will be lots of it!), refilling the envie and sending it on its way early next week.

I will check in with you all later today, and hopefully be able to share my project catwalk collection with you then!

Take care everyone!

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judean said...

yay! I am thrilled (and a little relieved) you found some things you like! I'm working really hard at not becoming a pack rat, and not hoarding things just because they are beautiful, when they were designed to be USED! I love your altered book, btw, it is just lovely :) Can't wait to see what everyone came up with for the PC collections!!