Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beautiful Papers...

I want to share with you the beautiful papers that arrived in the mail yesterday! It was my order from Lucy Folch - She's a fashionista at SiSTV, and someone who inspires me with everything she creates! This is her newest paper line, and I ordered it directly from her - it came all the way from Sweden! Take a look - there are six double-sided papers - aren't they GORGEOUS!!! (The back sides are cropped to see the detail)

I can't wait to start creating with these treasures! If you would like to order a set for yourself, go to Lucy's blog - the instructions are there!

I also got these extra papers from Lucy! Three adorable owl designs:

aren't they just the CUTEST??? Oh, and how about these vintage children's book pages in Swedish (at least I think it's swedish)...
So much fun! Yeay!!!

That's the good news...

The bad news is that I did not do my Scrapping The Music layout. I tried, but I think my brain is just mentally exhausted from the Project Catwalk challenge. Rats. I feel bad about that, especially since I am the one that picked the song. I am still going to try to get it done during the week tho, and it can go in the slideshow. I LOVE the song and its such an empowering one to scrap about!

The song is "VIDEO" by India Arie. Head on over and check it out - I hope you want to play along!


judean said...

wow! this has been quite a week for you paper wise :) love Lucy's stuff! those owl papers are just adorable. You PC collection is fabulous, and so YOU! Congrats on an awesome job!

Amy said...

Those papers are to die for! Hope you had a great weekend!!

Starlight said...

I'm so super happy you liked hun!
Yes the book pages are in Swedish I thought you may like to have something vintage from another contry:)
Thank you so much for evrything and I trully can't wait to see what you'll creat please hook me up when you do it ok?
And enjoy the owls too:)

reneestudiocity said...

Those papers are so incredibly, amazingly cute that it made my head hurt (or maybe it's all the jealousy pulsing through my veins!) They are really really incredible and I know you'll do something totally FABULOUS with them because, well...that's how you roll.