Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Canvas plus Project 365 Week Three...

The new song at Scrapping The Music this week is "Colors" by Kira Willey - and I LOVE it!!! I was so inspired by this song I had to make a canvas. I love the idea of thinking of yourself as a color, and I truly feel like an ORANGE person! No matter what color you identify with it's a great song for creative inspiration! I hope you check it out and decide to play along with us! Anyways - here's what I came up with:It's a 16" x 20" canvas made with gesso, acrylic paint, oil crayon and sketch paper. I used the art journaling technique I learned in Dina Wakely's "Art Journaling 101" class to make the background. I hope you like it!

So - on to week three of Project 365!

Monday - We keep Willie and Johnny's cat toys in a bag full of catnip which we keep in a tin in the cabinet. When they get bored it's time for a new catnip toy! I let Johnny do the choosing this time...

Tuesday: I got this image from the web - I'm going to use it instead of a picture because it was the start of American Idol on Tuesday and we were EXCITED! Yeay!!!

Wednesday: Michael has a late nite treat of warm soymilk with cinnamon. Mmmm.... so good on a cold winter's nite.

Thursday: It was 15 below today which I thought was worth documenting - brrrrrrr!

Friday: A cold, quiet nite in the neighborhood.

Saturday: Gal time with Jess and Christina at our monthly crop!

Sunday: My new painting gets a home in our livingroom!

Have a groovy day everyone! Take care and I will see you tomorrow!


Nat said...

Have a groovy day too. So love your new canvas!!! And the photo of your cats looking for teh new cat nip toy is so hilarious- LOL. Niles (our cat) would shred the whole bag- LOL. Love the phtoos!!!

Hilde Janbroers said...

wow, great canvas! Such great colors!

Rachel said...

Love the ORANGE Canvas!!!!!! That qoute is fabulous!

ReneeInLA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that new canvas! It is so fantastic! The detail is stunning!

XOX to Johnny & Willie - so cute

Bree said...

your painting look AMAZing, especially in your living room.