Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Peek Into My Swirly Brain...

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I totally missed doing my Project 52 ATC yesterday because I got sidetracked by thoughts of my art journaling process, so I spent the evening thinking about it and writing about it in my journal. A family member, after reading this journal entry, told me my thought process is "swirly" which I thought was super funny but oh so accurate! In fact, I have compared my thought process to one of those carnival games where there's this huge funnel, and you throw a penny in the funnel, and it swirls around and around for what seems like forever, until finally it drops into the hole in the center and is on its way. That is me in a nutshell - LOL. So anyway, here's the journal entry - remember you can click on the pictures to see the details more clearly (ignore the to-do- lists):

So now the journal is complete and I get to start a new one! Yeayyy!!! Here's what it looks like all finished:

And here's the new one I am starting - this will be #3:
The journal itself came as part of the Hipster collection at SiSTV and I actually altered the cover back in June. It has been sitting on the shelf, just waiting for it's turn to be filled up! There's something so satisfying about finishing one journal and starting another, isn't there? I love that.

So now, I am off to make my Project 52 ATC for this week. I will be back tomorrow to share the result!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


McMGrad89 said...

I love your art! It's okay to be swirly. My husband laughs at me when he is home and I am trying to clean. He is very linear - see a task, get it done. I swirl around the house, start say in the bathroom, see a hairclip that belongs somewhere, carry it over there and then see something else that needs to be done. Two hours later I end up back in the bathroom. It's sad I know.

jessicamae3 said...

How can such a tiny woman be so incredibly creative and talented????? ACK!!!!!!!!
So cool!