Saturday, October 2, 2010

Neil Young on Farm Aid and family farms

Today is the 25th Farm Aid concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I attended Farm Aid Live in 2005 and it was truly something I will never forget. If I had endless money, I would attend every year. Such a good cause. Thank you to Neil Young, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews for their continued hard work on this. Check out this little video...

If you can't attend, Farm Aid will be broadcast live on youtube tonight starting at 6pm ET, which is I think 5pm central. Check it out here...FARM AID 25

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Marit said...

Now that's a coincidence!!! I played an old CSNY song this morning and my son asked "what is Neil Young doing these days anyway - you know that mom?" HA, now I can tell him I DO know it! He's fighting a good cause! Thanks for the video Michelle!!! I never heard of "Farm Aid" before.