Friday, August 16, 2013

A Few Gelli Prints, and a Huge Linky List...

Hey there everyone!  Thanks for all the comments on my last post - It makes my day when I hear from you!!!

There were a few questions about the workshops I have on my Workshop Tracker form, so I thought I would provide some more info, along with links to the workshops, so you can check them out yourselves if you like!  They are all fun workshops that I would recommend, based on my own experience as a student.

I hope this is helpful! 

Book of Days 2013, Session 2
Instructor Effy Wild
Building a daily art journaling practice
Registration is now closed, but there will be another session starting in January. Click here for more info.

Life Book 2013
22 Different Instructors, Coordinated by Tamara LaPorte (Willowing)
A year-long mixed media art class, celebrating YOU
In progress - registration still open

Instructor: Effy Wild
Mixed Media Exploration of the feminine divine.
Next session starts September 1st.

Inner Excavation
Free Read-along led by Liz Lamoreaux, author of the Book
Effy's Read-along with Liz
Both are self-paced now

Fabulous Faces
Instructor: Tamara LaPorte
Learning to draw and shade portraits

This & That
Instructor: Kelly Kilmer
Finding  Poetry in the Everyday
art journaling course

Letter Love 101 - Art Journals
Instructor: Joanne Sharpe
29 lessons in decorative lettering

Project Life
Not a workshop, but a way of memory-keeping, developed by Becky Higgins

Animal Spirit Guides
Instructor: Gina Armfield
Art Journal with focus on above-mentioned topic

No More Excuses-Art Journaling Series
Instructor: Gina Armfield I've done them all - still working on the UTI version

Masterful Art Journaling (MAJ)
Instructor: Dina Wakely
Art journaling inspiration from the great art masters
P.S. It says 8 lessons, but there is a HUGE amount of content in each lesson!

Artsy Bangles
Instructor: Christy and daughter Tomlinson
Bracelet making (25 different styles)

Free to Create
Instructor: Jesse Reno
Free pdf course - getting messy with paint!

Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong
Instructor: Amy Powers (Big Picture Classes)
Making a fun embroidery sampler

Stamp Carving 101
Instructor: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Getting Started with Deli Paper
Instructor: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Getting Started with the Gelli Plate
Instructor: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

And, just because I can't do a post without photos, here are a few for you...

I've been busy making gelli prints on deli paper - here are some of them hanging to dry.  The one of the face was made by putting a magazine image under the gelli plate (it's clear) and painting over the top.  Fun!

 And - I can't resist adding in a few sleeping cat photos.  :)   Here's my sweet boy Willie (also known as the caramel-colored fluffball)...
 (oh to be that flexible - ha)

and his adorable brother Johnny (also known as the Johnmeister)...
I love his little white fang!

I hope you are having a groovy week my friends!  Thanks so much for visiting, and I will see you again tomorrow!


dawn said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much for all these links, so helpful!! I just left you some questions on yesterday's post, I'm a little late on reading it.
Love the gelli art hangings, beautiful!
Sweet sweet cat pictures.

Happy Day 16!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Thanks for the links and LOVING the photos of your boys! They are sooooooo cute!!!

Glenda Hoagland said...

This post is perfect. Thanks for sharing. I am trying to think about what I will do next year and this is inspiring.

Carla said...

That list of workshops is so long. Do you have a dayjob? Because I would not know how to find the time. Love the gelliplate prints. So much fun to play with a gelliplate.
Thanks for all the links maybe in the future :-):-):-)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Carla - I DO have a very busy day job, which is why I have so many unfinished workshops! HA. I start them because they are fun, and then don't have time to finish them. This list goes back years. Thankfully they are all workshops with forever access!