Monday, August 5, 2013

Book of Days Winner! And a Note On Indulging Your Childhood Loves...

 We have a winner of the Book of Days Premium Art Journaling Program!  The winner was drawn at random and

Congratulations goes to EMIE58!

Emie58 said...
What a generous give-a-way!!! What inspires me is nature... especially colors and textures found in nature.
Hugs, Emie
Emie I hope you enjoy your Book of Days Premium Art Journaling course!  Please email me at and I will get you set up with the course!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the drawing.  I truly wish I could give you each a prize!

And now, on to today's blogpost...

Not too long ago, I was working away in my studio, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, my mind conjured up an image from my child hood - TROLLS.  You know the kind of little dolls popular in the 1970's, with the long, flowy hair?  I have no idea what made me think of it, but suddenly I had to have a troll!

So, I went to ebay and did a search and oh my goodness, there are TONS of trolls for sale there!  I got lost in a bliss of trolldom.  Big trolls, tiny trolls, huge lots of trolls.  Did you know there are two-headed trolls?  and horse trolls?  Anyhoo, after a long search I found two trolls that were calling my name, and I was lucky enough to win both auctions!

Meet my new little friends...
I'm calling them Hal and Hoagy.

Hal is on the left.  He is a new troll - part of a set of five that spell Bingo.  I hear people bring trolls to bingo halls for good luck.  I love his yellow hair, and the fact that he proudly states he is a winner!

Hoagy (on the right) is a vintage troll from 1984.  It's hard to see but he has a big orange elf hat.  I love the sweet expression on his face and his wild white hair.

Don't they make a great pair?  They now live with me in my studio and make me smile every time I look at them.  I say indulge your childhood loves whenever possible.

What did you love as a child?  Is there a toy that is calling your name?

Thank you so much for visiting today, and I will see you again tomorrow!


dawn said...

Congrats to the winner, enjoy your class!!

These trolls are so cute, perfect pair to hang out with you. Now my cat would be chewing on their hair and trying to carry them off. How are your cats with them?
This is a fun post, I guess music and stuffed animals are what I indulge my kids in the most. I loved those as a child and want them to enjoy it while they can also.
Happy day 5!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Big congrats to Emie!!! And Michelle!!! Trolls were my twin sister's and my FAVS ever! We still have some - she has a Frankenstein troll and I have a Santa troll that became our favorites! I can't wait to check out eBay now!!!!
(Yes, Dawn, I guess that stuff we give our kids will give them awesome childhood memories, too!)

Cynthia Lee said...

I love troll dolls.
But suddenly, I remember, for whatever reason, the boys in high school nicknamed me troll and when I say nicknamed me, I don't mean it was their cute affectionate name for me. They teased me mercilessly.

I have no idea why they called me that.

Looking back, maybe I should reframe the store. Look at those trolls! How could you not love them?

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I sooooooooooo wish I would have KNOWN... Brian used to collect them and he now has them packed away in a BOX ... a ton of them!!!! I would have sent you some :)

Patricia said...

I remember those! (Cynthia, I was dubbed 'troll' after high school by a boyfriend of all things... had to do with my height) I love that you found one with such a positive message Shelley! <3

Jane Wetzel said...

hilarious! my girlfriend used to make clothes for them! tfs :)

Emie58 said...

OMGness!!!!! Thank You soooo much for the give-a-way!!! I can't believe that I won!!!
THANKS Michelle... an email from me is on it's way to you!!!!
Hugs, Emie

Sumaiyah Dymonz said...

Ha! I remember trolls! I loved them!!! Congrats to Emily on her win!! Thanks for offering such a wonderful give-a-way on your blog Michele!!!

Michelle said...

Congrats to the winner! You're so generous, Michelle.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Dawn - my cats sniffed at the trolls, and then I put them up on a shelf so they can't get at them - ha.

Sharon - a frankenstein troll - wow! Never heard of that one. Sounds cute!

Cynthia - I love your reframing idea! Trolls are ADORABLE! and so are you!

Julie - thank you for your sweetness! No need to send trolls - ha. I actually found three more that I had packed away too - now I have 5! Plenty!

Emie - you are welcome! I hope you enjoy the workshop!!!

Everyone else - thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate them so much!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

So cute!!