Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yes, We Have No Mojo...

This is how I've been feeling this evening:
I did good earlier today, when I first got up. I felt inspired to organize. I make up boxes to store my scrapbook kits in, and I got four four of them made. That felt good. But then, I had lots of time and a whole list of things I wanted to create. But nothing came to me. There's a sketch challenge over at SiStv, but I couldn't decide what picture to use. There's my ATC for the 1960's swap that I need to make, but I couldn't narrow it down to what part of the 60's I wanted to do. For some reason this seems to happen when I have time alloted to do nothing but scrap. Interesting isn't it? I do better when it's a weeknight and I'm up too late. But when I've got the time, nothing comes. Finally, I decided to scrap about my dilemma in my art journal. That's what journals are for, right? So I did this "no mojo" page. It felt good, and I'm reminded of this quote from my all-time favorite book on creativity - The Artist's Way:

"Art is not about thinking something up, it's the opposite - getting something down."
~Julia Cameron

So true. So, so true.

Tomorrow's a new Scrapping The Music challenge! Well, I guess it's actually today (Sunday), but it still feels like Saturday to me cuz I haven't gone to bed yet. LOL. I guess it's about time. Nitey nite everyone. Thanks for stopping by and I'll chat with you tomorrow!


Glenda T. said...

Hi Michelle, I love this journal page! I think you would just love that new book I bought (not that you need it because your pages are amazing!) I just flipped through it quickly but it seems like a great book!

Janine Wahl said...

Man, you do some fun stuff! Great work!

judean said...

your art journal page is just awesome--I totally relate to the lack of mojo when you've got time, and loads of inspiration when you really should be sleeping or doing something other than scrapping. sux, don't it? but I see you got your mojo back--looking good!