Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Art Journal - I have Missed You!

It's Friday again - YEAY!!! And I have another Scrapaganza weekend ahead of me! No particular plans and plenty of time to create! The weather has been beautiful the last few days - nice and cool and sunshiney! If that holds out I hope to go walking with Michael and get some photos to scrap.
My creativity tends to go in phases. For awhile, I was doing almost nothing but art journaling and I absolutely loved it! Then, for some reason, I started doing more layouts and other projects and the art journal got put aside. Poor, sad art journal! I'm so sorry to have neglected you! I hope you knew I'd be coming back when the time was right! I did my first layer tonight and here's a pic. I usually start by smooshing some acrylic paint around on the page to make a background. I just grab any colors that inspire me at the moment. I love the look of these two greens together. After this dries I will go on to my next layer. Since it's after 4:00 am, that will probably come tomorrow. (grin)
Do you art journal? I'd love to hear about your process!
It's about bedtime for me, so I will leave you with my latest pic of my late-nite scrappin companions - Willie and Johnny. Aren't they a couple of handsome dudes?


Anonymous said...

I work on an art journal as well. But, I didn't have much of groove to it. I took my colored pencils and spent most of the time sketching and coloring. Sometimes I'll paint the pages ahead of time, but I like watercolor.
I'm starting on a new journal. I'm going with a spiral bound one this time. The one I had before was bound and I found it difficult to work with.
Thanks for sharing what you do.
- Marjorie

Anonymous said...

Love the paint, can't wait to see what you come up with...

I have art journaled in the past, but It goes in spurts.
I actually like making mini art journals,
I'll do a few pages within a timeframe and then sew them together or somehow bind them together, and voila,
A very cool mini.

Less pressure, fabulous project.