Monday, September 8, 2008

Dreams are Fascinating.

It may be slightly disturbing, but here's how my art journal page turned out! Okay, so it's not quite as sunshine and rainbows as most of my stuff is, but it's real, and I feel really good about that! I felt compelled to finish my page with this image after I had ANOTHER one of my creepy dreams where there is gross stuff in my mouth and I can't get it out! Each time I have the dream it's different stuff, but what's the same is that I try and try to get it all out of my mouth and it just keeps filling up. IT'S GROSS! I've been having these dreams for years, and I have a lot of ideas of what they mean, but I thought if I got it down on paper it would be therapeutic, and it was. Maybe the dreams will stop now!?! My latest dream was one where there were these slimy little sea creatures crawling into my mouth and they swelled up in there, and I was trying to pull them out but they wouldn't let go and then their tiny legs would pull off and stay in my mouth. How weird is that? I actually find dreams to be sooo fascinating, don't you? They are so full of symbolism - at least to me they are. I have taken a few courses on dream interpretation and each presented a slightly different school of thought on the subject. I find that if I think about my dream right when I wake up, I can usually figure out a meaning for it. I think it would be fun to do more of these dream pages. It could open up a whole new world of artistic expression!
The page was done by drawing the mouth onto a separate piece of paper. I did the coloring with colored pencil and black oil crayons. I used a black sanford colorific marker for the journaling. It's the one kind of marker I have found that will write over any surface! (Note to self - buy more of those!)
So this is my foray into the world of scrapping the darkness as well as the light in life. I have to admit it feels really freeing! So what do you think about dreams? Do they have meaning for you? Are there any that you have over and over? Do you remember them?


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

wow...that's amazing.....v. striking!

Anonymous said...

You have dreams like my sister! She can remember hers in detail and they are long. I hardly ever have a dream I remember.

Interesting! Love that you did a page on it!