Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Art Journal

Dina's Art Journaling 102 class is starting off FABULOUSLY! I am loving what we are learning, and I am so excited to try the new techniques out! I decided to first make my own journal to use and WHAT FUN I HAD!

The cover is made from an old Chuck Mangione record album cover that my awesome sister Renee gave me (thank you Renee!) And inside I put a mixture of cardstock, shipping tags,
watercolor paper, paper bags,
junk mail, ledger paper (I glued a few pieces of these together to make them thicker),
book pages and postcards.
I bound it all together with my bind-it-all!
I had such a blast doing this!!!!
I can't wait to start filling it up! I better get going on that because the first lesson was already posted yesterday! Eeeekkk!

Oh, and can we talk SiSversary for a minute????? I am so excited about it I can't stand it! I am finally going to get to meet a lot of my online friends in real life!!! Yeayyyy!!! Workshops and Crop Time and Jenni Bowlin - yeayyyy! If you want more info on this fun and fantastic event, click on the blinkie towards the top of my blog. It will take you right to the site.

Also, today is Wednesday which means it's Project 52 day! I think my ATC will have something to do with the excitement of SiSversary!

I'll be back tomorrow with another update - I hope your having a fantastic Wednesday!


Lucy Edson said...

Hi, Michelle!

Your journal looks fabulous! Now all you have to do is fill it up!

I am loving AJ102!! Can't wait to see what Dina has in store for us!

Anonymous said...

Love love love that cover. The journal looks like a lot of fun!! I can't wait to see you complete it.

Nat said...

Can't wait to see you filling the album!!!!

mandysea said...

Looks stunning Michelle - love your covers!!! WOW!

Ooooh I WANT a bind-it-all!!!!!

McMGrad89 said...

I love that journal.

I wish I could go to SISaversary, but this summer I am working summer school so that I can go on a very nice vacation next summer (2010). Gotta keep the eye on the prize.


kristinak said...

That cover is my favorite thing of yours....EVER!!!!
so amazing!

Erin said...

hi there. i came across your blog through becky higgins blog (not sure what i clicked on!). i REALLY love your blog. i just started one and while our scrapping styles are very different i am just SO inspired by you. plus, i love all the cat references. :)
look forward to future posts (i've already ready pretty much your whole blog!)
have a good day,

Anonymous said...

WOW Loving this journal.. and I so wish I could be in that class I love DINA!

I cant wait to see what you create.

And I so wish i was able to go to Sisaversary... i hate being a whole country away!

Chris said...

Just stopping by to say hi from Art Journaling 102. Your art journal looks incredible - you did a fabulous job putting all those papers together - they are just waiting to be covered in paint. I have to admit that I am an acrylic and spray ink virgin but Dina's lessons are so well done and fun that I find myself jumping in with both hands. I have seen your layouts and projects on SIS and really like them. How lucky you are to be able to attend SIS this summer - what fun! See you in the gallery

Lara said...

LOVE how you made this!

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS that is so cool! I love the cover- I never thought about using an album cover! I am loving this AJ-102 class too!

Diane said...

What a fabulous journal! TFS
I can't wait to get my BIA to get started making little journals.
AJ 102 is a real boost to the inspiration.

candy said...

oh my gosh, this is awesome!!


Anonymous said...
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