Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art Journal Every Day Update...

There's alot going on in my art journals and I'm excited to share with you!

First, At the beginning of each month, I make a divider page in my writing journal, by creating a little collage and tab.  I finished my June collage this week...

and Here's what I've been doing for the 30 Day Journal Challenge...

Prompt 3:  Use your name as an Acrostic to tell us all a little bit about yourself.

My page:

 I busted out my new package of good old-fashioned Flairs, and had a doodle-rific time!

Prompt 4: Go outside, set up a little journaling area, and see where your mind takes you. Journal it.

My page: 
 I didn't actually set up a journal station outside, but Michael and I went on a walk, and my plan was to journal about that when I got back.  Those plans got pushed aside tho, when a deer came walking into the yard!  Willie and I were so excited!  I managed to get a bunch of pics through the window, and got out my colored pencils and pitt pen to sketch him from one of those photos.

 Prompt 5: What do you believe in? 

My page:

 Here's how it reads in my mind:

I believe in possibility and synchronicity and the power of music to heal your soul.
I believe in friends, truth, peace, love hope, magic, miracles and music.
I believe that "I don't know" is a perfectly acceptable answer.
I believe that acceptance is the key to serenity.
I believe that love is the answer.
I believe in soul mates and forever dates and honeymoons every year.

as Michael would say "bam!"

Prompt 6: 
What does summer feel like?  What does summer look like?  What does summer smell like?  What does summer sound like? and What does summer taste like?  Use all of your senses to describe this wonderful season. 

My page - front: 

and back:

I haven't finished today's prompt yet, so I better get busy! 

Thanks so much for visiting, and let me know if you have any questions - I'd be happy to answer them!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! I love love love love how you did the one with your name!!

dawn said...

Hi Michelle!! These are awesome pages, love all the colors and fun ways your writing the lists. The doodles are cool but the senses is the best,how creative to use your own picture. GUESS WHAT???!!! I joined that class too, a little late but I'm catching up. Have been using a set of index cards to do mine on.
I'm glad you shared these today was thinking of you and planned on coming here today to tell you I joined. Have fun and I love the pages!

Emie58 said...

Michelle.... You have the BEST smile I've ever seen.... every time I see it it puts a smile on my face!!!

anne g-i said...

what fun!!!! so cheerful and summery!

Maja60 said...

Love your pages! They are so bright and full of color! I joined too but i have to catch up with the prompts.

Linda said...

what cheerful and fun and lovely journal prompts-LOVE your doodle page!!

Amanda said...

really loving your pages for the 30 day journal challenge. I shall return for more!

Linda Jordan said...

I love your pages!! I love the idea of creating the month tabs in your journal, what a fun idea! My favorite of the pages is the what you believe in page, but they are all amazing! Thanks so much for sharing :) Visiting from Balzer Designs!!