Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review of January's Journaling Plan...

Hi friends!  I've just finished doing a review of my Journaling system for January and I want to share how it went with you...

I know I posted this before, but here is a copy of what my plan for January was...

              Types of Journals for January 2015:
What it is
Art Journal

Story of my life in words, images, art, photos, ephemera, etc. Includes workshop lessons and any thoughts about them.
One spread each day
Handbound Watercolor Journal

No Excuses Journal
Desk Diary format:
Specific purposes for the monthly and weekly pages. Follows a monthly color theme
Daily, weekly & monthly entries based on NEA system.
Barnes & Noble Weekly Desk Diary
Bullet Journal
Master To Do list, Commonplace Book, Workshop and other Notes, Project Lists, logbook, etc. (monthly calendar in back pocket)
Daily if needed
Orange Leuchtturm 1917 Squared Notebook
Writing Journal
Evening Pages (stream of consciousness)
Daily if needed
Silver Maya Journal

Here's a pic of the journals...
Notice there are only three.  That's because I never got going with the writing journal.  I ended up doing my daily writing in my Book of Days.  The bottom (largest) one is my Book of Days aka Art Journal.  The middle one is my No Excuses Journal aka Barnes and Noble Desk Diary (I started to alter the cover but didn't finish).  The top one is my Bullet Journal.

Here's another view...

So, how did it go?

What went well...
Planning to review my goals at the end of the month was the best thing ever.  I've realized that my attention span seems to be about one month.  Ha.  Now I can feel like I did well with my goals, and it's okay to change them up if I want to!  Yeayyy!!!

In the Art Journal:
I didn't quite make my goal of one spread everyday, but I came close.  I think I missed four days, so my book was actually filled on February 4th instead of January 31st.  That's totally fine with me.

Planner Journal:
Filled the January pages completely.

Bullet Journal:
Worked great.  Used it when I needed to, but didn't obsess over it. I know I haven't shared anything about this journal yet.  I will do a post on it soon for you. 

I have a new plan for February.  Some things will stay the same and some things will change.  I'm loving this evolving system!

How about you?  If you journal, how did your system go in January?  How many journals are you using, and what are they each for?  I am always soooo interested to hear how other artists are doing this.

Tomorrow I will be back and share my new system with you.  Thanks so much for visiting!  I appreciate you!


Marit said...

Your post makes me think it's about time I write a post about my 'system' soon (although it isn't a schedule, I think I journal in some sort of 'loose system' too... I was thinking the other night that I need to plan my (creative) work out more because I seem to 'lose' so many time every day on 'things' (what? Hmmm, working in fragments I guess - I have to think this through and analyse it to get it clear) Thanks for sharing your schedule ánd evaluation - it's food for thought! Happy Valentine's day dear friend. Have a nice weekend!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Thanks for sharing this ... I love how you stay organized with your journals!!!

Kim T said...

I just learned about bullet journaling the other day listening to a podcast. I want to get a planner for 2015 (I've been bitten by this latest craze!) and want it to be a combo of basically you described less the art journal ... that will always be separate. Can't wait to hear more about the bullet journaling and how it works, loved hearing you don't obsess about it, b/c it worried me a bit how structured it was. Also LOVE the colors for your planners, how did you cover the Barnes & Noble diary ... it is so cute! Thanks as always, love your blog!

Cathy Gomes said...

What is a bullet journal? You got me curious... Looks like you are enjoying your retirement! So creative. THANKYOU for sharing and I can't wait to see about your bullet journal.

Pierrette Goupil said...

I am curious about the bullet journal, too. What is it? You are very well organized, Michelle. I use many journals... one for every project (like Artfully Inspired Life, Journal52, DLP, etc.). I bought a Quo Vadis agenda refill and I do art in it. You are so inspiring, Michelle! Have a happy Calentine's day and a good weekend!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! I have already written the bullet journal post and it will go live at midnite tonight. Marit, I would love to see a post about your system! Kim - the Barnes and Noble Desk Diary was covered with gel medium and then paper towel. The paper towel was then painted. Pierrette, Love hearing about your many journals!

Sandy said...

I really need a system. I'm just a spur of the moment person and that's how I get behind. I love to see your journals and pages and all that wonderful beautiful color you use.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Thanks Sandy!

Karen said...

I'm curious to know how much time do you devote daily to this system?

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...
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