Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 6 of NaNoJouMo: Sometimes I Pretend...

Hi friends! For day 6 of the challenge, I chose to do another lesson from the Radiant II - Art Journaling Workshop.  This was a lesson by Nolwenn Petitbois, and it was TONS of fun!!!

DAY 6:
"Sometimes I Pretend..."
Mixed Media
Sometimes I feel this way - do you?
 (quote from pinterest - don't know who originally said it.)

It all started with the raven, who showed up, fully formed - including one white and one gold eye, while I was making the background. I added some outlining and the magenta glaze on his belly for effect...

I created the words with a white, poster paint sharpie marker.  I wanted them to really pop, but they kept soaking up the blue spray ink that was underneath.  So I went over each word with matte medium, and let it dry, which sealed the color in.  Then I was able to go back over the words with my paint pen, and they stayed much whiter.  You can see the difference here.  The "etimes" was done after the matte medium was applied.  Just thought I'd share, in case you could use this tip.  :)

Thanks so much for visiting!  I will see you tomorrow!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is AWESOME! LOVING the raven and that quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cara said...

I am totally digging the colors you used in this. So rich! And thank you for the white-text tip!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words Julie and Cara!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO MUCH for explaining how to get the white to 'pop'. I keep buying markers, pens, paints etch trying to get the white pop. OMG, why didn't I think of that.