Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's National Nonstop Journaling Month - Wahoooo!!!

Hi friends! I recently found out that November is National Nonstop Journaling Month (also known as NaNoJouMo).  How fun is that?!!!

Dawn Devries Sokol hosts this annual challenge on her blog.  She explains more about it here; but basically it's about working in your art journal each day in November.

I think this is just the kick in the pants I need to get going again!

The official challenge is pretty open, but I am setting a few guidelines for myself.  Here they are:

1. I will finish a page each day.  If I have hours to put into it, great.  If I have only a few minutes, I can still finish a page.  I will just make it simpler.  

2. I am using this opportunity to catch up on the bazillion unfinished lessons from various workshops I am taking (or have taken).  That will be my focus, but it's not a rule.  

3. Any kind of journal page counts.  Painting, mixed media, collage, drawing, doodles, sketches and anything else that can fit on a page.

I will post each page here and in my instagram feed.

Let the Festivities Begin!

MAKE ART EVERYDAY (in honor of NaNoJouMo)
This is lesson three from the Book of Days Facing Forward Workshop.

Click here to find out more about the NaNoJouMo challenge.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I appreciate you!


Pierrette Goupil said...

I'm in this group too. I have decided to work on a new page each day and I will post the first 15 mins on each one on NaNoJouMo and finish my page and post it separately. Your page is beautiful!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

That is such a great idea Pierrette!!! Thank you so much for sharing that!!! I was wondering what to do about the group. I will do that too.