Friday, August 29, 2008

Gratitude, an Award and a Tag!

Happy Happy Friday! I've got lots to report today! First of all, I received this "Blogging Friends Forever" award from my Crop Chick and SiStv friend Tracy Pratt! Thanks Tracy, I am honored!

The Rules of this award are as follows:

1. I must pass the award on to five people.

2. Four must be dedicated followers of your blog.

3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

So I would like to pass this award to...
These women are all so creative and they have cool blogs - check them out if you haven't already! Thanks for being my blogging friends you wonderful women - Yeay! Let's keep the blogging friends forever vibe going!

Okay, next I was TAGGED by the aforementioned Glenda (Tkalac). For this tag I am instructed to list 7 Strange things about me and 6 Random Facts about me. I think I will combine the two and give you:

Seven Strange Random Facts About Me
  1. I type with my toes. Yep. It's like a nervous tick. I don't actually put my toes on a typewriter, but as I'm watching t.v. or doing other things, I find that my toes are going thru the motions of typing what people are saying. Sometimes I don't notice I'm doing it until my calves start to hurt. I believe this comes from so many years of typing for a living.
  2. I once drank soap directly from the squirty dispenser in a restaurant bathroom. Okay, I was a child and it was bright green and smelled like limes. Who could resist that?
  3. I once shoved a barbie doll flower so far up my nose that I had to have it extracted at the doctor's office. My mother realized I had done it because my nose was "whistling". What can I say - I was a curious kid.
  4. Most of the injuries I have had in my life have come just after I utter the words "Look What I Can Do!" You'd think I would learn.
  5. I love to sing. Alot. All Day Long. Which is not to say I'm good at it. I just love it. Luckily, I have a husband who does not find this annoying. In fact, he does it too! (a match made in heaven I tell ya)
  6. I also tend to jump around alot. I jump up and down when I'm happy. I bounce around when I talk. I dance while I make the bed. This might have something to do with all the Code Red I drink. But I'm not sure.
  7. I love to be up REALLY late at night. There's something about nighttime that seems so magical to me. It's when I feel the most creative. On the weekends, there have been times when I'm working on a layout and notice the sun coming up before I realize how late it is. I don't see this as strange, but some of my friends do, so I figure it counts!
Okay, so now - who should I tag??? I tag all the people above that I gave my BFF award to! If you got an award you are tagged!

I will leave you with my layout for Week Six of the Project Catwalk Challenge. The challenge was to create a layout using very few supplies, but still creating a dramatic impact. I chose to make a list of 49 Things I Am Grateful For on my 49th Birthday:

(you should be able to click on the image to make it bigger if you want to read the list.)

That's all for today folks! Don't forget to head on over to Scrapping The Music to check out this week's challenge (if you haven't already). The Song is "Don't Give Up" by Eagle Eye Cherry and it's a good one!

P.S. Only one day til we can reveal our week seven submissions for Project Catwalk!

P.S.S. Only three days left til the Premiere Kit Reveal at Shop Crop Suey!

It's fun having things to look forward to!

Peace, Love and Sunshine to you all!


Glenda T. said...

Hey Michelle, thanks for the award and for letting me know more about you. You crack me up! Especially the one where your injuries are usually preceded by you saying "look what I can do"! haha That's totally something that reminded me of my sister when we were young.

Nat said...

thanks for the award :-)
Love your seven facts- LOL - the look what I can do is my favorite one!!!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty darn cool that you can type with your toes! I can only pinch.
Congrats on the award, that's a nice recognition!!

- Marjorie

Anonymous said...

Oh Man Michelle I'm peeing my pants after that barbie doll flower little story.
I'll have to think hard before I post my facts.............Thanks

Sharmaine said...

Aww thanks Michelle!!
Added, and facts...
Love the lo!!

kristina k said...

Thanks for the award!!! :)
The facts were so interesting to read. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to add another random, strange fact about you...

*you once shoved...was it a bean? or a pea...up your nose as well...what was with you and shoving things up your nose?