Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Checking In...

Hey everybody - I got a new camera! Yeayyyy! I am a point and shoot kind of gal and what I look for is something small (so I can carry it around in my pocket) that takes good pictures without much fuss. I ended up with the new Canon Powershot SD780 and I love it! Here's a pic of Willie modeling with it...Oh my it's been a busy week! I've been working on some layouts for Scrapping The Music that I can't share just yet (drat), and I've also been getting ready for a garage sale at my local scrapbook store! I was up late last night pricing and bagging and organizing. I'm so excited because I will get store credit equal to the amount I sell, and I filled five grocery bags with stuff! Whatever doesn't sell will go to charity so that's good too. In the process I made a big mess in my scraproom which I now have to clean up before I can create anything. Aargh. Oh well. It will be worth it in the end.

So, I needed 20 bottlecaps to make charms out of for this charm swap I'm in, and I only had eight. I looked at the local craft stores and couldn't find any blank bottle caps, so I've been drinking diet root beer like crazy to gather enough caps! Now that I have enough I will be finishing the charms this weekend - I hope they turn out the way I have envisioned them! I will be sure to share a picture as soon as I can.

I will have more of an update tomorrow, but for now I will leave you with a pic of this dude that was hanging out in the yard this week with his partner - how cute is he?!!! (I especially love his little foot up in the air)...
I hope you are having a beautiful spring! Thanks for stopping by and I will see you tomorrow!

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McMGrad89 said...

Sorry I haven't been as diligent in my comment posting here as I have been. I get your blog feeds on my reader and just like your list of things to do, I have a list of blogs to read and digest. I don't have the heart to delete them yet, so I still have quite a long list.

Not that you need anymore inspiration, but if you have time, stop by my brother's blog hereand give him a little support as he is venturing into an inspirational photo blog called A to Z Photo. I am holding a little drawing for everyone who leaves him a little comment.

Thanks for always giving me inspiration to be a little more creative.