Friday, February 14, 2014

Finish 'er Up Friday: Check her out!

Hey there everyone!  I was thinking I wouldn't have anything to talk about today, because I didn't work at all on finishing old projects this week.  Some weeks are just like that I guess, and that's okay.  I will get back on the bus next week.

But, I am excited to say that a friend of mine did GREAT this week on getting caught up with her Project Life!  Check out Dawn's awesome post by clicking here.

Congrats Dawn on your awesome work!

I will be back tomorrow with the new One Little Word challenge!  See you then!


dawn said...

Hi Michelle, THANK YOU for the link and shout out!! I wasn't sure if you'd be sharing today or not but had to get those pages done. Thank you for the motivation to do it, so glad they are completely done now. I am going to make a list and plan on which projects to do each week, that will help me stay on track and not forget any projects.

Happy weekend!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

You are welcome! Your post is totally inspiring Dawn! You got a lot done and your pages look awesome! Thank you for the motivation to keep working on my projects too!