Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Time for The Top 2000 Party!!!

Hi friends!  I'm so excited!  It's finally time to start the Top 2000 Countdown Blog Party!!!

Every year, a radio station in the Netherlands (Radio 2), hosts an international vote to determine the Top 2000 songs of all time.  They publish the results mid-December, and then on Christmas Day they start playing all 2000 songs; in ascending order - ending with the #1 song of all time on New Year's Eve.

My friend Marit Barentsen, has been hosting a blog party to honor this tradition, for the past seven years!  Artists all over the world are invited to create art inspired by songs on the list, and submit them to her. She publishes them all week long on her blog - each one on the day that the song plays on the radio.  Every year there is more and more art - It's loads of fun!

I have been playing along since the very beginning, and I'm so excited to start the party again this year!  I will be publishing one (or possibly two) journal pages each day for the next week; each one inspired by a song on that days portion of the Top 2000 list.

Are we ready?  I am!

The song I picked for today is from 1992 - a classic song that speaks to me -  especially with everything that's going on in the world right now...

by Bon Jovi
#1997 out of #2000

Plus, who doesn't love Bon Jovi???
Enjoy the video!

Head on over to Marit's blog to see everyone's pages/song choices for day one! 

Thanks so much for visiting, and I will see you again tomorrow!


Marit said...

Yaaaayyyyyy... MERRY XMAS dear friend! And what a fabulous start of the Top 2000, LOVE your piece and so appropriate indeed... thanks for joining... the party wouldn't be the same without you!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love when you all share your top 2000 pages!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Lynda said...

Love your page and the song. How appropriate for our times right now. Can't believe I missed that song when it was popular. I think I was in my country music phase!! Looking forward to the other songs. Thanks.